Arrive and Ride Race Bike Rentals

Have you ever wanted to go to a race track and go fast, but were afraid to take your own bike or donhere is your chance to experience the track and ride to your limits in a safe and controlled environment on one of our track specific late model 600cc or 650cc sport bikes.  Ride to your limits in a safe & controlled environment. After such a successful launch of the 2013 Arrive and Ride Race Bike Rentals with Tonys Tack Days and Boston Moto, Adrenaline Cycle has now teamed up all the major track day company’s including Fishtails Riding School and Penguin Race School Track Days.  Two local tracks recently added to the list of tracks is Thompson Speedway in Thompson, CT and Palmer Motorsports Park in Western Massachusetts.  The other three tracks being visited for the 2018 season are New Hampshire Motor Speedway Road Course (Loudon), New Jersey Motorsports Park facility (Thunderbolt Track) and New York Safety Track/ Mountain Top Airport.  Adrenaline Cycle will provide you with a late model 600cc or 650cc Sport bike and all necessary gear.  For More track information please click any of the track day company logos below below.

 You just have to arrive & ride at the track


  • -Rental motorcycle & gear packages starting @ $275 – $550 which include track prepped bike, suite, boots, gloves, back protector and helmets available upon request
  • -Gear rental $100 w/ $250 crash deposit
  • -All bikes come prepped for the track (safety wired) with quality tires, tank of fuel & delivery to & from the track.
  • -We will also optimize the suspension for your weight & riding style
  • -Staff on hand to help make the most of your track day
  • -Go-pro camera’s , GPS lap timers & tires warmers available for an extra charge
  • -Professional photographers on site most track days301490_305178622828979_133458180001025_1430255_1149291193_n

 Bikes available

  • ·        Kawasaki EX 500 ninja – Great for beginners
  • ·        Kawasaki ZX-6r ninja
  • ·        Yamaha YZF-R6
  • ·        Suzuki GSXR-600
  • ·        Honda CBR 600rr
  •          Suzuki SV 650

Call for motorcycle availability or more info @ 508-379-0100

Are you prepared for the track??????  After watching the videos read through our track day check list essentials.

2018 updated track day schedule and dates will be posted by May 14th. 


Tonys Track Days 2016


Fishtail Riding School 2016




Penguin Race School



Overview of NH Track-day




Tonys TrackDay Registration and Schedule link:

New York Safety Track “Downtown” Clockwise Video

BostonMoto Track Day Schedule:    


Track Info   Riding Tips   FAQ’s

Track day check list

One month out

  1. You booked yourself in and your spot is confirmed
  2. You have transportation organized and confirmed
  3. All your gear has been inspected and is in great shape
  4. Your tires are in good condition and the chain is lubed and adjusted
  5. You set aside all you will take with you
-       stands
-       gear bag
-       tire warmers
-       gas cans
-       spare ignition key on car key ring
-       cooler
-       chairs and canopy (optional)
-       bike spares kit (optional)
-       tire pressure gauge
-       extension cord and surge protector
One week out
-       check engine oil level and coolant level
-       start the bike and ride it (if you can)
-       make sure the clutch works well
-       test the brakes
-       make sure the bike shifts
-       idle the bike until the fan comes on (don’t walk away!)
-       confirm your ride share or vehicle is ready to go
-       confirm hotel reservation if needed
-       check all nuts and bolts for tightness
Day before
-       start the bike
-       make sure the key is removed and in your gear bag
-       aggregate food, water and other supplies needed
-       take cleaner for your visor
-       pack ear plugs in your gear bag
-       check the forecast for temperatures and prepare accordingly
-       fill gas cans and the bike
-       make sure you have cash on hand
-       over fill the tires with air
Day of
-       set tire pressure before 7am
-       organize your pit space
-       run extension cord for power
-       start the bike and allow to idle to 150F before riding to tech and registration
-       put bike on the stands, clean all debris off the surface of the tires
-       put the tire warmer on, but don’t plug them in
-       30 minutes prior to your first session plug in the tire warmers
-       set the tire pressure at 2psi lower than required on track (27 rear 31 front) just before you go out
-       warm the engine to 130F before heading on track (take 3 or so minutes)
Session 1
-       ride relaxed
-       establish/confirm reference points
-       set a steady pace
-       check bike out for braking and shifting
-       visually check the bike over for missing nuts and bolts on body work
-       put the bike on stands and clean the tires
-       put tire warmers on and plug them in
Session 2 etc
-       work your plan for the day
-       at the end of session 2 top the fuel off and do so every other session
-       check tire wear – any uneven wear trouble shoot immediately (did you set the pressure before session 1?)