Chrome Finishes






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Bright Chrome:

Bright Chrome, or often called “Show-Chrome”, is one of the most popular processes used in customizing.  Our bright Chrome can really add that brilliant shine to any part of your bike.

Virtually any part of your ride can be Bright Chrome-Plated. From Frames to Bolts Aluminum to Steel … Magnesium to Plastic.

All Our chrome work is done in a 5-layer electro-plating process, including three nickels and hexavalent chrome. Unlike “triple-plating”, which can have a brown or yellowish tint, our process produces a very bright, “blue-white” shine.


Black Chrome:

Our Black Chrome is just that … Real BLACK CHROME!  The look is always consistent and the appearance is very impressive, especially with the right paint scheme.

Gold Plating:

Gold plating is the process of real 18 – 24 carat gold being applied to the piece after it has finished the bright chrome process, giving it the rich appearance that it truly is GOLD!!!

Aurora Titanium:

So revolutionary, so state-of-the-art we don’t know what else to say….




Anodizing is an electrolytic process for producing controlled aluminum oxide films on aluminum.  Unlike paint, which can peel or chip off, anodized finishes are actually formed from the original material and cannot flake off – Protecting your investment!

Individual parts can also be dyed during the anodizing process to produce luxurious finishes with radiant color that can only be imitated by paint.

The aluminum oxide finish is extremely hard and exceptionally wear resistant.  We also offer Teflon impregnation to further enhance your parts resistance to wear.  Oxide forms naturally on untreated aluminum but the anodizing process produces a coating which is consistent, much harder, and more dense than natural oxidation.


Triple Plated Plastic Chrome:

Triple Plated Chrome should be completed in phases.  First phase is the Raw Material Phase:  Here we start by preparing the plastic or other non-conductive material for conductivity.  This permits us to electroplate the plastic just like we do on metal services.  If plastic is textured, all texture must be removed for a final smooth mirror finish.

Second phase is the actual Copper Plating:  Once the parts are copper plated they are polished to a mirror finish to remove imperfections.

Third phase is the Nickel and Chrome Plating:   This final phase is where the magic happens!  Most cheap imitation chrome finishes will turn yellow in no time but with our Real Chrome plating this will not happen.  The reflectivity and corrosion resistance is what make the process the Top Choice of any and all Chrome Enthusiasts!

Both methods can give the appearance of Black Chrome, but there is always the possibility of light and dark spots and a variation of color if parts are done at different times.

All chrome work is backed with a 1 year craftsmanship guarantee!!!!